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Janna Bell is the focus of this edition of Employee Spotlight. Janna joined the Supportive Insurance Services team in June of 2011 and is a Licensing Administrator. Her responsibilities include applying for new licenses for agents and agencies, filing for certificates of authority, agency name changes, DRP changes and officer [...]

5 Facts about Insurance Licensing For Producers and Agencies

In today’s world of program business and internet marketing, it isn’t unusual for a producer and/or agency to be doing business in all 51 jurisdictions. This brings a new set of issues when it comes to insurance licensing. A few of the common misunderstandings are listed below. Hopefully they will [...]

Why is Adjuster Licensing So Complicated?

[To view this content as a PDF, click here] Throughout the country thousands of insurance adjusters every day are either out in the field inspecting damages or interacting with customers, negotiating equitable settlements for repairs and rebuilding, preparing insurance forms, issuing payments as well as serving as the first line of [...]

Frequently Asked Questions – Insurance Licensing

Let’s face it…Insurance licensing can be complicated. For most people who have licensing responsibilities, it isn’t a full time job and can provide real challenges. At Supportive Insurance Services, we receive questions every day from agents and agencies who need help with insurance licensing. We thought it would be helpful [...]


Our next Employee Spotlight shines on Beverly Lancaster. Beverly Lancaster began working with Supportive Insurance Services in September 2006 and has worked in the insurance industry for over 24 years. Beverly holds a SILA Associate designation. Beverly came to SIS with a broad range of licensing experience and was responsible [...]

Claims Adjusters and the Need for E&O Coverage

Insurance claims adjusters often have a lot of questions regarding their licensing requirements, including whether a license is needed in the first place regardless of whether they are an independent, staff, or public adjuster. At Supportive Insurance Services, we’re in the insurance licensing business and happily review the ins and [...]

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