Licensing Your Insurance Agencyagency licensing

Owning an insurance agency can be a rewarding career.

Because of the entrepreneurial spirit of the industry, selling is usually a top goal for agents and agencies, but insurance licensing can sometimes get in the way. Without the proper insurance agency license, you are unable to operate as an insurance agency. Supportive Insurance Services is a well-respected resource for new insurance agencies, as well as existing insurance agencies looking for assistance with insurance licensing. With an average of over 20 years of experience, our insurance licensing company is comfortable, knowledgeable and fully equipped to handle all of your insurance licensing application needs quickly and accurately. In terms of what you should be prepared for, be mindful that licensing regulations can differ depending upon the state you are in and whether you wish to obtain resident or non-resident licensing.

We can help you navigate the waters of insurance form submissions, laws and regulations. Because of our extensive experience, we are able to cater to a multitude of insurance licensing scenarios. The following are some of the services we will perform on your behalf:

  • Prepare your licensing paper work
  • Coordinate paper work with the department of insurance
  • Complete certificate of authority forms
  • Coordinate the information with your respective state
  • Follow up with the proper personnel and ensure timely approval
  • Obtain registered agent services
  • Ensure your licensing is completed promptly and cost-effectively


Let us take care of the complicated and tedious steps required to obtain your license while you concentrate on growing your business.